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Ormeau State School Pedagogical Framework

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Our Vision

The Ormeau State School community is driven by a passion for life-long learning.  This renewed focus will provide all members of the school community with opportunities for future success in an emerging digital age where learners need to be flexible and adaptable and learning needs to be differentiated to the specific needs of those learners. Our proud tradition of school spirit, underpinned by our key beliefs of Opportunity, Responsibility, Manners, Excellence, Acceptance and Unity, will continue to support our four year focus on school wide improvement and our drive to provide ongoing success for our school community.

The Ormeau State School vision, in action, will reflect our ongoing commitment to school wide improvement and encompass the following strategies and projected outcomes. 


Both students and staff are life-long learners at Ormeau State School. We will look to provide opportunities for continued learning for all members of the school community. It will be the responsibility of all learners to engage in the process to support one another to become more independent learners. Our Ormeau State School Pedagogical Framework based on the Dimensions of Teaching and Learning, recognises the need to provide learners with an opportunity to continue to learn beyond their structured year level, verified learning level or their current role description.  In 4 years it is anticipated that our learning program will reflect this commitment.


Data has demonstrated a need to improve student learning in the areas Literacy and Numeracy. Our ongoing success in writing and more recent success in reading through our work with the Reading Stamina program will continue and broaden its focus to other areas of Literacy, Numeracy and Science. Our datawise strategy for making judgments about student learning and improvement will support teachers’ future success. Specifically we envisage these outcomes for our learners:

  • Teachers actively engaged as part of their Performance Plan in analysing and reflecting on data to improve teaching and learning

  • Teachers using data to differentiate learning for all students

  • Integration of ICT tools to enhance differentiation process

  • Students setting goals with feedback from Teachers to enhance personal learning

  • Students and Teachers having opportunities to learn from one another to improve the learning process

  • Teachers to reflect on the success of writing and reading programs to provide direction for future learning at Ormeau State School


21st Century Learning requires far greater levels of connecting prior knowledge to solve problems in learning. Students and Teachers have access to a range of tools to enhance learning beyond the scope of the school day and the classroom. We envisage that our school community members will have access to information and expertise to meet their ongoing needs. This will include digital learning for school community members differentiated for their needs and success.  All members of our school community will be united in this pursuit of excellence.  Learning will be creative, collaborative and mobile.


Student behaviour and responsibility for learning have been recognised by the community as strengths at Ormeau State School. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the whole community to recognise the three-way link between parents, teachers and students in sustaining positive, personal learning. We accept that this mutual respect will be enhanced through ongoing communication and feedback.