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Rules and policies

As a school community, we recognise the worth of each individual and the value of ongoing education in our lives. At Ormeau State School we will pursue quality education in a positive, supportive, caring atmosphere giving all our students the opportunity to develop themselves to their full potential.

Ormeau State School rules:




Students and staff should maintain a clean and positive school environment, observe safe and healthy practices and use opportunities given to them wisely.


Students must act responsibly and move in a safe and orderly manner adhering to designated boundaries. They must dress appropriately according to the school dress code. Students are responsible for their own learning which includes completion of set tasks and homework, being organised for the day and caring for personal and school property.


Students should show respect for themselves and others and use their manners at all times. Students will behave in a manner that will not injure themselves or others or cause damage to property.​


Students will perform at their optimal levels in all pursuits. All individuals will strive to excel at a level that is appropriate for them.​


Students will obey all school rules and accept consequences of personal decisions and choices of behaviour. Students and staff need to show acceptance and understanding of differences amongst members of the school community.​


Students and staff at Ormeau State School work as a team to help support each other and promote understanding and a sense of belonging in their school.​


If you are unable to access any of the documents please contact us and we will arrange to provide copies.