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Mission and values

O pportunity

R esponsibility

M anners

E xcellence

A cceptance

U nity

We strive to uncover new talents, develop initiatives that reveal priceless rewards and watch the growth of our students, academically, socially and emotionally.

We want an Ormeau child to be happy, to be a competent learner, to be a confident member of the school community, to have faith in his/her teacher and to feel sure of the teacher’s regard and interest. To achieve all this we set rules and goals which are attainable and, to the student, sensible. Our teachers actively seek out evidence of bullying in any form and act strongly to resolve any such situation. All at the school are proud of its attainments, of our pupils’ appearance, and of the parents who have worked so hard with us to achieve students who fully achieve their potential.

The most important sign of the healthy life of a school is found in its curriculum, the totality of opportunities we provide for the education of each student. The curriculum is under constant monitoring and evaluation. We continue to offer a wide curriculum that we believe really caters to the interests of our students. The range of extracurricular activities on offer each term continues to impress. From the regular sporting program to the lunchtime Active Community Engagement (ACE) programs and then on to after school activities, Ormeau State School can indeed hold its head high in its attempt to engage students in worthwhile activities. All of these activities gather momentum each year and can only enhance the life of students and engage them in life-long learning.