Enrolling at our school


Enrolment application process

School Catchment
Our school has an Enrolment Management Plan and students who live within the school catchment area are accepted in the first instance, students who reside outside the school catchment will either be placed on a waiting list or notified when places become available.

Out of Catchment
Complete the expression of out of catchment form
Complete the Full Enrolment Forms
Please email your completed Expression of Interest form and completed Enrolment Forms to our Principal :​​

Once you have checked the enrolment catchm​ent map online through the Ed Map - Catchment Maps to find your home’s street address to ensure you are within our catchment area

  • Please read the Enrolment Management Plan for information about ‘out of catchment’ enrolments before proceeding with an ‘out of catchment’ application.
  • Complete the Enrolment Application forms accurately.
Completed documents need to be returned to the Administration Office and will be sighted be the Principal before proceeding with your enrolment. You can return these documents in person or via email to​​​​
​(Please note: we need to sight an original birth certificate in order to finalise an enrolment)

Please also provide the following items with your complete documents:
  • your child's original birth certificate
  • your child's passport visa and parent's passport visas (If Applicable)
  • 2 forms of proof of residency
    • owners - rates notice
    • renters - lease agreement and a verification letter signed by a real estate agent
    • current utilities notice
  • your child's most recent NAPLAN report (If Applicable)
  • your child’s most recent student report card (If Applicable)
Please note: Without the correct and completed documents the enrolment cannot proceed.

For further enquiries regarding enrolment you can download our Enrolment Information Book or email: 

For Bus Travel Services Information please visit :Translink School Bus Services

Medications in school

If your child requires medication during the school day or needs to have medication available to them e.g.: Epipens, Ventolin etc., It is a requirement that the Administration of Medication form is completed and you provide a written request from your PRESCRIBING practitioner. This is a requirement for over-the-counter medication or prescribed medication to be administered, accompanied by clear instructions as to the dose and specific times required at school labelled from the PRESCRIBING doctor.

If you student requires 'specific' circumstances regarding the administration of medication – your PRESCRIBING doctor is required to state this in a letter and ensure it is replicated on the pharmacy label.

Controlled substance drugs are required to be provided to the school in a Webster Pack.

Expired medication will NOT be administered and a notification will be sent home when expiry date is nearly due.

We follow the Department of Education guidelines of the Five Rights of Medication Administration to ensure your child's wellbeing and safety in their medication management:

·         Right Person

·         Right Drug

·         Right Dose

·         Right Time

·         Right Route


Please contact the administration office for the commencement of any new medication.

Last reviewed 05 June 2023
Last updated 05 June 2023